Start Joking. Stop Smoking.

A self-help guide to help tobacco smokers quit the habit and feel good about themselves. Brings in activities, alternative methods, nutrition, vitamins, botanicals and more. Peppered with family-friendly jokes, quotes and sayings, the guide is meant as a tool to keep those trying to kick the butt in a positive frame of mind while addressing all issues of withdrawal from the body...from the mind to the heart. Activities are added to keep the mind and body busy. Family fun is also included to keep the entire clan happy and supportive of the one quitting the tobacco habit.

The Strength, Power and Cunning of A Woman

Unlock the entrepreneurial spirit within to fulfill your true potential. Explores noteworthy women from around the globe --ancient Vietnam and Africa to the U.S.-- to understand their actions in the face of adversity. Includes activities to help you live up to your full potential doing something you are passionate about. 


PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED BOOKS & GUIDES (self-published unless noted otherwise):

Massachusetts First-Time Homebuyer's Guide. CityStream. 2014.

Firefighters Are My Friends, educational activities book. Positive Promotions. 1998.

I Can Be Fire Safe, co-authored with Monica Hay-Cook, educational activities book. Positive Promotions. 1998.

Be Nicotine Free, Naturally! 1997

Guide To Alternative Therapies, slideguide. Positive Promotions. 1997.

Herbs For Health, slideguide. Positive Promotions. 1997

Herbal Salve, Oil and Liniment Making Manual. 1995

Herbal Tincture Making Manual. 1995

Medicinal Tea Making Manual: Herbal Infusions and Decoctions. 1995

Herbal Syrup Making Manual. 1995

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