So, you want to be a real estate broker. That means you must think and act like a business owner/entrepreneur. That means running your business and supporting your agents for your brokerage to grow and prosper. If you still think you can work directly with owners and buyers selling properties as a broker, you are in for a mind shift. 

Micro apartments and tiny homes equate to small living spaces, which means little storage. Try these tips and tricks to live comfortably in a small space.

As a buyer or seller, choosing the right real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home is no easy task. All sales statistics aside, the wrong agent can cost you time and money. When interviewing potential agents, make sure they have these five important traits that separate the powerful agents from the mediocre ones. As an agent, have you cultivated all these traits? If not, get moving!

  Paints are going green, and it's not about the color. From low-to-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to avoidance of toxic pigments, it's a fact that greener paints are better for the environment and your health. Learn about greener primers, paints and sealers and where to get them.

Get your scare on in October, while viewing some historic properties. Visit "Witch City" this Halloween Season and see some of the oddest and spookiest spots in the country.

Whether purchasing a single-family home, duplex or other multi-family complex, you have to make it pay off. In other words, you have to treat the purchase just like a business. Here are four ways to make certain your investment property will bring a positive return on your hard-earned money.

For non-seasoned real estate agents who want to represent the seller and get listings, just how do you get to the point of contract signing? How do you get to represent the seller? You must earn the seller's trust by showing your expertise, honesty and competency. Use these 12 steps to nail the listing from appointment to contract signing.

Wind is blowing, leaves are falling and snow is on its way. Don't fight with the energy bill this year. There are other more cost-effective solutions than a standard furnace to heat your home. Invest in these energy-efficient options and heat your home in style without breaking the bank.

The American mortgage downturn led to the national banking crisis of 2007, which led to the global economic recession. The subprime mortgage crisis was the main cause of this recession. Follow along and learn what burst the mortgage bubble.

Many homeowners hire contractors for just about any kind of home renovation or improvement. While there are benefits to hiring a contractor for home renovations, there are some things that contractors won’t tell you. Guest blogger Neil Adams gives you the inside scoop on contractors, providing valuable time- and money-saving tips for your next home improvement project. 

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